“Better Call Saul” is set to be the lat4est show from AMC. Yes this is a spin off of the soon to be ending series of Braking Bad.

Better Call Saul, in discussions for months, will be a one-hour "prequel" to the acclaimed drama that will "focus on the evolution of the popular Saul Goodman character before he ever became Walter White's lawyer," the network said in a joint statement with Sony Pictures Television. The show's title is the cheesy attorney's ad slogan.” –usatoday

I know what you have been thinking, “man that lawyer character, I’d like to know more of his background story”. Well here is your chance. Is this a good move or a tacky scramble to milk more money out of the amazing product that is Breaking Bad? Personally I’d love to see them leave the breaking bad series as is and let it be remembered for the amazing product that it is. However, who knows maybe the character of Saul Goodman has legs. Either way it means more work for Bill Burr and that’s enough for me to want to watch.