Wait, some schmuck got tricked into thinking a juiced up rat they bought was a puppy and they’re mad about it?

Apparently the latest craze in Argentina is passing off ferrets which they call “Brazilian rats” as toy poodles. The idea is when the ferret is born they inject it with steroids to beef it up and then crimp its fur like Tiffany so it looks just like a toy poodle puppy. People in Argentina have been buying the Rat “Dogs” thinking they are getting a great deal on a pedigree breed puppy only to be told later by their vet that they have been snuggling the belly of a rodent.

This is the most insane news I have ever heard. How could anyone ever confuse a coned face animal with beaver like teeth as a poodle? Not to mention who on earth would be upset when they found out. Yeah you no longer have a lame sissy toy poodle like you thought. But look on the bright side, you now have a bad ass juiced up puffy haired ferret. And if given the option I would take the ferret from the movie “bigger strong faster” any day of the week. What is a toy poodle going to do if someone breaks into your house? Not a damn thing, just bark like the little bitch it is (if it’s a girl).  But a ferret on steroids has a very short temper. You go anywhere near its pellet dish or mini hammock you can kiss your index finger good bye Mr. Burglar. My ferret dog has been drinking green and muscle milk all day and will body slam you through a wall!