East Windsor, CT Police arrested a teen they say was "obsessed" over the Boston Marathon Bombing Attacks that he was planning is own. 

The teen, who is 18 and a student at the Metropolitan Learning Center, was taken into custody Wednesday. Sources claim the student was found with materials to make a bomb. Guns, ammunition, and more bomb materials were found at the teen's home.

The suspect allegedly was obsessed with the Boston Marathon Bombings and learning Russian while conducting surveillance activities on possible locations. He also talked of the violence he wanted to commit on his community and school.

Parents of the school were notified Wednesday via a statement of the teen's "veiled threat to the safety and security of some members of his community, and possibly Metropolitan Learning Center."

All this started after the police were tipped off by a local priest that was threaten by the teen. However, the priest might soon be a suspect as some accuse him of providing funds for the guns, ammo, and bomb materials, according to Fox19.

The investigation is on going at this time and we will update as we get more info