Doing something to get banned from a foreign country isn't the best idea in the first place. Doing something that will get you banned from Russia where the nation leader is known for  stealing a ring because he could "use it to kill someone with it" is in a completely different category of bad ideas.

Especially when that nation is next stop on your tour.

Well thats exactly what members from the Bloodhound Gang did. While in the Ukraine BHG's bass player Jarod Hasselhoff jammed a Russian flag down the front of his pants and pulled it out of the back. Asking the crowd "Don't tell Putin" but unfortunately Putin spies are everywhere.

After seeing this video the Russian minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky released a statement via Twitter :


Bloodhound Gang is packing its bags. These idiots will not perform in Kuban


Kuban is where BHG was scheduled to play a festival over the weekend. The band instead got beat up by a gang of hoods known as the "Cossacks".

The Cossack are known for their great fashion sense and their ability to beat up a flag while its was down.

Between the Russian government, the Bloodhound Gang and the Cossacks, this past weekend was a menage a trois of stupidity. Sounds like a average weekend for the Bloodhound gang.