I came across a gem of an "As Seen on TV" product today.  It's called the "Forever Lazy" and if you are unable to grasp the complicated idea of pants and shirts, than this product is a godsend.

Okay, so I thought that the Snuggie was bad, but this thing is 10 time worse than the Snuggie. I put together a list not to long ago about the 5 worst TV products, and if I had known about this thing it would have topped that list.  I am baffled, speechless as to who would buy this.  It's footy pajamas without the feet.

As adults, why would we need something like this?  I wouldn't wear this at my home let alone a sporting event as the ad suggests, not unless I wanted to get my ass kicked.  This is hands down, the dumbest thing I have ever seen sold on TV.  Yes, even worse than the Snazzy Napper, which is still pretty damn bad.