Shootings, and bomb scares, and pepper spray.  These are the reasons why I stay home and avoid the screaming masses on Black Friday.

I think I'll take my chances and pay full price for the Xbox if the alternative is getting pepper-sprayed by destructive BF shoppers at Walmart.  Thanks.

Not only is pepper-spray a feature at this year's shopping extravaganza, but parking lot shootings, robberies, and bomb scares are also thrown into the mix this year.  Check out this story for updates on the mayhem throughout the day.

Here's a video you can watch if you need further convincing that Black Friday is the most asinine thing ever.  Despite what one psychotic retail analyist says at the end, I can guarantee you most people don't enjoy rubbing elbows with bottom-feeders fighting for that last sweater.  Didn't you hear about the pepper-spray?