So last night I had an absolute blast at Q-Ruption!  There were so many great moments both on and off the stage, but one moment sticks out in my mind as the favorite of the night.   

What an awesome time Q-Ruption was!  It started off with a bang as the Selfish Needy Creatures took the stage and it was like people just kept adding gasoline to that fire.  Every single band that played seemed to kill it once they hit the stage, and that was awesome.  So glad to see so many people come out for it too, that made me and the rest of the station people very happy.

So what was my favorite moment of the night?  I can tell you that I am a closet Pan-Head so I was really looking forward to seeing Skillet hit the stage.  John Cooper is an awesome guy, and so is the rest of the band for that matter.  Before they went on however the Sick Puppies took the SPAC stage and boy did they bring it strong!  They played all the songs I wanted to hear and then some.  So in between taking care of business backstage and chatting with all you awesome listeners, I snuck out to catch the Sick Puppies.

I was amazed.  It was the first time I have seen them play, and they blew me away.  I have to say the most memorable part for me was when they started to play the cover of "F**k You" by Cee Lo Green.  I can honestly can say that I did not expect that out of them, but they owned it.  Before that they started to play a little Rage, but the Cee Lo cover was amazing.  Everyone was singing along and Monte and I were on the side of the stage belting out the lyrics as well.

The show as a whole was fantastic, but that will be moment I tell everyone about and will always stick in my mind.  Well done Sick Puppies!  What was your favorite moment from Q-Ruption?