It's summer and along with that, comes some of our favorite summer time things!  You know, like mosquitoes and the burning red sun. 

This past weekend was fourth of July weekend, and i am willing to bet that much like me most of you did some outdoor activities over the course of the weekend.  I mean, we had beautiful weather for it so why not?

I am also willing to bet that some of you also got a few pesky little bug bites and maybe a little sun burn as well.  What a buzz kill.  Saturday night I got eaten alive by mosquitoes and on Monday I felt the wrath of the sun.  Not too bad, but just enough to be annoying.

Being the cheapskate that I am I wanted to find relief for by sunburn, but also not spend a bunch of money or any money if possible.  So there are a few things that you could have laying around the house to help get rid of your pain and agony.

1. Vinegar

This is great for both sunburn and bug bites.  It would even work well for things like poison ivy.  For sunburn you would take some apple cider vinegar and put it on a washcloth and apply to the area of the burn.  Don't dry it off, let it seep into the burn and trust me you'll find relief.

For big bites, or poison ivy used white vinegar.  If you've been itching these spots, it might sting a little bit, but well worth it.  If you keep dabbing the vinegar on the bite or rash every half an hour for a couple of hours it will dry it out, stop the itch and make it go away a lot quicker.  I have done this many times and it has never failed me.

2. Ice Cubes

I know you might think it might be a quick cure for the sunburn, but no.  This is for big bites only.  The coolness of the ice will temporarily relieve that awful itching.  Not a complete fix, but some nice relief if you can't find anything else.

3. Green Tea

I have been a big fan of green tea for a long time now.  It has some great properties that help your body when it's sick, and it even works for sunburn.  Not drinking it though.  Brew yourself some of the tea.  Let it cool, then dab onto your sunburn with a washcloth.  There is stuff in tea called tannins that helps repair damaged skin.

4. Aloe

Always a good idea to have some aloe around the house.  Not only does it relive sunburn, but it can help relieve other unfortunate burns suffered around the home too.  It's not very expensive and will last you a long time.  Plus the relief felt by applying it to the sunburn will let the stuff pay for itself in an instant.