There are certain drinks that to me just say summer time.  We all have our favorites whether they are refreshing or of the alcoholic nature.

Summer time by the pool.  Just relaxing all day without having to worry about wintery road conditions or whether or not crazy wind is going to knock over a tree. It's a good time to be alive.

Whether your at the pool, ball game or just chilling out at home, you have to have one of your favorite drinks with you.   You know, that drink that just cools and refreshes you like no other.  I love a nice refreshing beverage, especially after being in the sun all day. Beer is always good, but not always what I am in the mood for.  So then you have you're mixed drinks, lemonade and hey, nothing wrong with a nice cold glass of water.  I'm sure you guys will share in some of my favorite drinks as most of them are pretty ordinary, but oh so good.  So now I will take you through some of my favorite all time summer drinks.  Feel free to share some of yours as well.

Corona with Lime:

I love a Corona with lime in it.  Everyone knows that you need the lime to make the beer, because Corona just isn't the same without it.  Usually I don't like fruit with my beer.  If I order a Blue Moon I usually tell them without an orange, but in this case it's welcomed.   One of the most refreshing drinks of summer time.

Iced Coffee:

Hot drinks just don't do it for me in the summer.  I hardly like them in the winter.  Thank god for Iced Coffee.  I know that most people run to Dunkin Donuts or Star Bucks for something like this, but both McDonalds  and Cumberland Farms have great iced coffee for a much lower price.  I like mine with hazelnut cream.  It wakes me up and cools me down. Perfect.

Lemonade/Iced Tea:

There is just something about sitting outside with a big glass of lemonade of iced tea that just says relax.  A perfect combination of cold liquid and sweetness that makes everyone happy.  Even better, combine the two of them into one and make yourself an Arnold Palmer.

Mello Yello:

Delicious.  Mello Yello was probably around long before me, but it disappeared for a little while unless you traveled down south.  I just rediscovered this soda last summer when I saw it in the soda cooler at Wal-Mart, you know when I was being classy.  I grabbed it up and never looked back.  It's better than Sprite and less white trash than Mountain Dew, making it perfect.

Michelob Ultra:

Make fun of all you want, but I love this beer no matter what time of year it is.  It's good because it is light so I don't add on too many extra calories after busting my ass at the gym all week, and over all it has great taste.  Mich Ultra also has some new flavored beers like Lime Cactus (in the featured photo) and I really like it.   Not afraid to admit that this is one of my favorite beers.