BJ has been to quite a few diners around the Albany area that he has picked out.  Now he needs your help to pick out his next diner destination.

Diners are something that everyone enjoys.  The food is good, the people are friendly and it just feels like home.  Who wouldn't love that?  I have traveled around the area over the last few weeks exploring some new places, and checking out some old favorites.

During that time I have also heard from a bunch of you that I should be checking out some of your favorites.  Your voice has been heard!  I have been keeping them on a list, but now that I have so many I can't seem to shoose which one to pick.  Obviously I'll get to them all, but I could use your help on this one.

So out of all the ones that I have been keeping track of, these are the ones that have caught my eye.  Choose wisely my friends.