I don’t understand all the blow up over this birthday card. Suddenly it’s not okay to tell our children the truth?

ABC NEWS is reporting Hallmark Greeting Cards acquired an old birthday card for 13 year old girls that sends the message they will receive “diamonds and rubies” once they’ve grown bigger fun bags. I understand it’s not polite to talk to a 13 year old in this manner however let’s not steer away from the fact that this card speaks the truth. I mean maybe they won’t get diamonds and rubies but I know there are plenty of men in this world that have bought things such as drinks for women simply based on the size of their Hindenburgs.

I agree that 13 is way too young to teach a girl how to trade sex appeal to gain advantages in life but do not rule out the fact they’re going to have to learn it someday. I know I wished someone told me this when I was a young boy. If I knew what my milky white 9 year old thighs could have got me in 4th grade life could have been smooth sailing. I would've made every day mesh shorts day and never missed a recess.

“Sorry Mr. Beach, I didn’t do my homework last night but isn’t my duck tails tank top really cool? Oh what’s that, it’s okay that I didn’t do my times tables? Thanks!"