There has been a lot of talk about the zombie apocalypse this past week.  So if it were to actually go down, who would you want in charge?  Bill Pullman. 

Yes that's right, Bill Pullman is who should be our leader if zombies start roaming the land freely.  Not Bill Pullman the guy, but Bill Pullman the President from 'Independence Day'.  His speech inspires you to do the most meaningless, tedious task better than you would ever do.  Pullman already saved the Earth once from aliens, so saving it from zombies seems like a perfect fit.

If zombies do start walking around - and judging from all the craziness that has occurred, they have - Bill Pullman gets my vote.  Maybe we should just put him in charge and vote him in as President.  It's not like we are happy with the current candidates anyway.  Maybe Jeff Goldblum could be his Vice President.  If that's the case, Will Smith would be a shoe in for secretary of defense.

Bring it on zombies, we are totally ready for you.