Bill Nye, how do you sleep at night? From blowing stuff up on a children’s TV show, to Battle Bots and now this?

Recently Bill Nye has risen from the dead to try and sabotage the world as we know it. In an online video called “creationism is not appropriate for children,” he has both stirred up issues and broken my heart. How can you say such insane things Bill! You mean to say if I tell my children how God put man on this earth 6,000 years ago it will be damaging for them as they grow older and learn more about your hocus pocus “science?"

Say I tell my children what you want me to? How am I supposed to get my child to sleep after I tell them they came from monkeys! I can just see it now, children shivering in their beds night after night worrying that the monkey who created them is going to break into their house and take them away. I don’t know about you but I’m not going anywhere with curious George, no way no how!

And as far as this mission to Mars mumbo jumbo you speak of, how come that NASA camera has zero images of Kuato or hookers with three boobs. I call Shenanigans on the whole thing!