Move over Lingerie Football, because you have some competition now.  The only thing hotter than women in bikinis, is women playing hockey in bikinis!

Get ready for the next big sports craze!  Okay, maybe we are jumping the gun on the whole 'craze' thing, but the Bikini Hockey League will make for some great television.  That's right, television.  The whole thing is going to be centered around a Oklahoma based reality show.  We take back anything bad we ever said about reality TV.  Okay, maybe not all of it.

Guess what ladies?  Since it's going to be a reality show of sorts, they are holding a casting call.  Like hockey?  Look hot in a two piece?  Then by all means, apply here.  We just hope they bend the rules like they do for ladies lacrosse and keep the violence low.  Nothing UN-sexier than a chick missing teeth.