It's being called the largest tax scam in history - Gang members in South Florida are stealing people's identities, filing tax returns, and receiving your money.

It's going to be hard for the cops to catch them too. The thieves are using laptops to file the returns in free wi-fi spots, then having the tax return money loaded on to prepaid debt cards so it's nearly impossible to figure out who it is.

Investigators believe it to be gang members since the tax fraud route is much easier then seller drugs on the street. One such criminal, Rashia Wilson, stole nearly $1.1 million dollars doing a similar scam with her boyfriend.

Once thieves have your name and social security number, they make up fake tax returns plugging in false numbers for a greater money return. The crime literally goes undetected until you file your real claim, then the IRS realizes a mistake was made and a crime committed.

So far for 2013 returns, over 540 fraud investigations have been started. But the IRS does admit they will more then likely give out over $21 million in fraudulent returns in the next 5 years.

What do you do if you are caught up in the scam? Call the police, who will then turn it over to the IRS. The process for the claim takes anywhere from 8 to 12 months before any clarification can be made about the theft of your identity.