We all hate traffic especially when it doesn't move.  Have you ever sat there and said that if you walked you could make better time? Watch this funny video of a guy who raced a New York City Bus on a tricycle in traffic and find out who won.  

Mark Malkoff, a filmmaker from Queens, NY, challenged one of the New York City Metro buses in a one mile race down 42nd street between 10th and Madison Avenue.  The bus would travel its route as normal while Malkoff would ride a tricycle.

I guess you see everything in New York because seeing a man riding a tricyle in the street didnt phase a single person.

Wearing a bike helmet and attractive neon safety vest, Malkoff met his culprit, the M42 bus, at the intersection of 42nd Street and 10th Ave. When the light turned green, the Daredevil on a trike "floored it," ....