Contrary to popular belief and what you heard in the promo that is currently playing on the air, I am not a danger to Baby New Year. Yes there was the restraining order, but that was a misunderstanding and the meds I am taking are helping.

So this makes it my 6th year doing my New Years Eve party. We'll be going commercial free and I'll be throwing out some Top 1o lists that I put together, and I'm going to ask YOU to send me a top 3 list or a Top 10 if you feel motivated and I'll read it on the air. Make if funny, or insightful, what ever. But get it in to me before Saturday the 30th, so I have it for New Years Eve.

And of course, you're welcome to send in your resolutions for me to read on the air as well. Or maybe a New Years Shout out?! Either way, this party is for you, so let me now what you want. I'm all yours. And make sure to check back on Thursday, when I'll share a couple of my Top lists for my commercial free New Years Eve. 2012 is looking to be a great year for a lot of reasons. And I want to make sure I bring it in rocking! And to Baby New Year: I know we didn't get started on the right foot, but I feel we can work through this miscommunication we have and become closer. So please, forgive me and accept the flowers I sent. I hope this makes up for the awkward moment when I spilled my hot cocoa on your diaper and it looked like you made a poopie.

$>Countdown to New Years Eve in 3..2..1..