If I knew how to type out a great big fart sound, that’s exactly what I would type right here!

If you haven’t heard, head coach Rex Ryan has once again guaranteed that the Jets will win the Super Bowl next year. C’mon dude! This is silly! You’ve done it the last 2 years and haven’t come through. At this point, whenever Rex says something like this Jet fans must be like that cracker in the Ritz commercial and saying “Lalalalalala… I can’t hear you!”

Now granted, getting to the AFC Championship game 2 years in a row is a great feat, but who’s going to listen to, and even consider believing you? Why don’t you try winning a division title before you start making far fetched prognostications?

Being from New England and Patriot fan, I am a Jet-Hater. But after watching him in HBO’s “Hard Knox” I must admit that I kind of like him and would think that most teams and fans wouldn’t mind having him as their head coach as he definitely knows football, and seems like a fun guy to be around. Except when he makes promises on things that he simply can’t control the outcome of. My best guess is… Those donuts must be making him delusional!

Btw, if you'd like to hear the sound of that fart that I wanted to type out, click here and hit the one that says "Cello Below."