Like I have said before, The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows.  This week Americas favorite geeks explored the use of 'Siri' on their iPhones, and has it turns out she is one foxy lady.

Those of you lonely geeks out there got a little dating lesson from The Big Bang Theory this week.  Instead of just asking Siri boring questions, instead you can turn her into your soul mate.  Well,sort of.

It didn't really work out for Raj in the end, but he somehow convinced his iPhone to start calling him sexy.  It got to be a little disturbing after a while.  At the end Raj ends up at Siri's office, and as it turns out she is a babe! Schwing!  Too bad Raj can't talk to women, because Siri seems pretty easy.  So geeks, it looks like there is hope for you, you just have to date your phone.