Hands down two of the sexiest slender women in America on stage. The Biebs and his mother looking like a strong mother daughter team at the AMA’s.

After seeing this acceptance speech there are only two people in the world I would trust to deliver my eulogy at my funeral. Justin Bieber and Ryan Lochte are hands downs the best public speakers on the planet. It’s a rare style and not many can pull it off but “mumbling marble mouth and giggling high school girl” is a style that both these bros have perfected. Giving Bibes and Lochte both have accomplished way more then I will ever in 60 life times but that still doesn’t make them better at talking then me.

Listen To Proof I Am Better Then The Biebs!



PS: how super hot is the Biebes’ mom? She must have popped his slender puberty poping self out at like 8 years old right? Congratulations Ms. Biebes!