Few guys dislike beer and giving it as a Valentine's Day gift to your guy will guarantee a homerun. He'll want to use that gift of beer relatively quickly, so it is a good thing that we have a great solution for your Valentine's Beer gift endeavors.

Saratoga Beer Week is only a week away. Less than a week actually. Your guy wants to be there. The great thing is you can buy a passport for the entire week of events or perhaps select some specific event such as the NY State of Mind, or the Rare Beer event.

What makes the gift extra awesome is if you grab a hotel room for the night so you can both be beer geeks,  or offer to be a DD if you aren't interested in beer.

Here are the top five reasons why guys love beer:

5: Beer can be served with any meal - yes, breakfast too

4: Beer will always tell you that you are attractive. Beer tells anyone they are attractive, therefore beer is a friendly beverage

3: Beer is good for you - it's fat and cholesterol free. It makes you smile too

2: Our nation's founding fathers were drinking beer while creating our nation. It's patriotic!

1: It's beer. Duh.

Saratoga Beer Week happens from February 19th through 23rd in Saratoga Springs, NY. Prices to various events vary and are available online. If you love beer and a week of nothing but beer sounds good to you, then the Saratoga Beer Week is your kind of a week. It’s worth using up that rollover vacation time from last year, if you have it. Or just come for one day. Or two. Or the entire week – it’s entirely up to you.