When the weather get nice, it’s time to head outside. However, sometimes sitting outside doing nothing can get boring. If you are having friends over or attending an outdoor party, here is a list of the best backyard games to keep in mind.

Kan Jam

Hands down my favorite game to play. The only issue with this game is you are a slave to the wind. Not every day is a Kan Jam day... unless you have a giant living room.

Ladder Golf

A solid game to relax in the backyard. The best part about this game is the game pieces double as a sweet weapon to fight crime with, like Batman.

Corn Hole

Another game that you can play even in the wind. Tossing sacks of corn at a board sounds like a bad idea on paper, but when you get it going in the real world it's pretty awesome.


This game has many names and I'm not even sure "Beersby" is the most common. the idea is simple: each team has a pole with an empty beer bottle on top. The opposing team tries to knock off the bottle with a frisbee while you have to try and catch both the bottle and the frisbee.

Disc Golf

Not exactly a "backyard" game but nonetheless it's fun. Sure, Tiger Woods can play ball golf better than most of the world, but can he feed a basket a hard disc from 50 yards out?