I generally don’t like to make fun of local bands that send their packages to the Q103 offices but this one I think deserves a special exception.

I really don’t have a lot of power around the office on what bands get air time and what bands get the garbage treatment. Even with my lack of control, a lot of demo CDs still come my way. Being an independent wrestler I understand the frustration of trying to contact people and get your stuff seen or heard so I always make a point to at least give a listen to anything that comes through the Q103 studios. I would hate to know if someone threw my wrestling DVD out before watching a match so I like to show at least a little respect when I receive someone’s martial.

With that being said last week a promotional package from a band came to the Q103 studios wrapped in loose leaf paper, one sheet of printer paper, scotch tape and on the front the word “CD” written in blue pen. If someone is going to put this little care into the package they are sending what does that say about the care they put into the music that is on this CD? I was shocked when Styles showed me this CD wrapping job and immediately started looking for reasons why someone would send their CD this way. The only conclusion I could think of is this is a band consisting of 10 and 11 year olds and they didn’t know any better. Then I looked at their promo photo and they appear to be 40 year old dudes… so maybe they have some sort of mental remedial deficiency? Either way I had to learn more about these cats so, I gave them a call on my show.