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Everyone is always asking me where my favorite bar in the Albany area is. It's so hard to pick just one when this area has so many great places to hang out and grab a drink or even some pub grub. So instead of just picking just one, I have decided to give you my own list of personal favorites so you can set up a pub crawl and experience them all for yourselves.


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Bombers Burrito Bar

I have loved Bombers for a long time. It was one of my favorite food spots before I could drink, and when I could drink it became a great hangout. The original location on Lark St. will always be the spot that I hold dear, but their new spot in Schenectady right across from Proctors is an awesome spot too. Don't forget, these guys give you a giant margarita on your birthday, and it's FREE! Plus the burritos are superb.
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Clinton's Ditch

A must stop spot in Schenectady. "The Ditch' as been a favorite spot of not just mine, but the entire Q103 staff. The drinks are made well, not over priced and they have a kick ass menu as well. If your looking to watch football or head out at night, Clinton's Ditch is a great place.
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Savannah's (The Dublin Underground)

There is a reason they call it the best little place on earth, because it is! Savannah's is a spot that I hit up quite frequently. Through doing events with the radio station I have become great friends with the majority of the staff (who are some of the best bar staff in the area). They have something for everyone, including over 50 different kinds of beer on draft. Always entertainment too, from live music to a DJ vs VJ performance by DJ Nick Papa Giorgio and VJ Roy Buckley.
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Wolff's Biergarten

What can I say about the Biergarten? It's awesome! If you are into German beer and large amounts of it, then this is the place for you. They hold an annual Oktober Fest that happens around this time of year and it's always a blast. Plus they have potato pancakes, how can you go wrong?
Nick Lee

Hooters of Albany

I know it's a national chain, but Hooters just has an awesome home town feel to it. Everyone loves the wings, and the rest of the food they serve up is pretty fantastic as well. Always a great time to be had there, whether your there for a sporting event or just hanging out. Even my fiance likes Hooters.
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Wolf's 1-11

This place pretty much has everything to have a good time, plus a second location opening up in downtown Albany right next to the Times Union Center. Hang at the bar, in the game room or have a nice dinner in the dining room. Wolf's pretty much has it all. I love the food at Wolf's too, which I think is key at a bar. When your drinking, you gotta eat and they do pub grub right!