Daniel R. Ricketts of Berne NY was found dead this weekend near Thacher Park on Saw Road. Albany County Sheriff, Craig Apple said the 50 year old man had apparently fell victim to booby traps he had set himself.  The booby traps were allegedly to protect the many Marijuana plants that were found on Ricketts property.

Around 2:30 p.m Daniel had been driving an ATV on his property when he collided with a nearly invisible wire that had been placed by him.

“… the wire appeared to be the type used in pianos…Other protections for the plants included barbed wire and a leg trap similar to something used to trap coyotes, Apple said. He said alcohol may have been a factor in the accident.” -TU

All my knowledge of protecting Marijuana fields comes from the movie “The Beach”. I was unaware there were fields of pot in the upstate NY area. And I was certainly unaware there were crazy booby traps in the woods protecting said fields. If I have learned one thing from this story, it is to never booby trap anything on my property. But if I must booby trap anything I should aim more towards the “3 Ninjas” style traps with whip cream and silly string rather than “Temple of Doom”.