Ice cream is by far the best thing in the world. It is delicious, cold and absolutely terrible for you, which is the perfect combination. However, when a company stops making  your favorite flavor, do you ever get so sad that you want to give it a funeral?

To ice cream company Ben and Jerry's, the loss of a flavor is that serious, as they have a graveyard set up for people who enjoy their ice cream to come and grieve over the loss of that particular type of frozen treat.

Flickr, user Dougtone

Clearly nobody cared about the flavors that ended up in the graveyard enough to purchase them. With that said, it is hilarious and awesome for Ben and Jerry's to make light of some of their failures in the ice cream world by opening up something like this.

I guess my only question now is, since Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia is dead, shouldn't Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia flavor be in the graveyard even if they continue to sell it? That only seems right.