I already knew women were flat out crazy, but now it appears that being pregnant amplifies that initial level of crazy by like 37. Or maybe it’s a combination of being pregnant and living in Texas with a side of the temptation of this overly handsome man who knocked you up.

WFAA news is reporting that two women who are pregnant by the same man began to fight which ended when one woman ran the other over in her car. The incident resulted in the victim of the car strike having her foot removed, but the baby is said to be okay. So what caused this sudden outrage?

We all know women are already crazy but know we know if pregnant in the presence of a overly handsome man they will become increasingly unpredictable. When the news asked Christopher Chaney (father of both unborn children) if he thinks he might be the cause of the fight, he responded with “I don’t know, I am handsome”. That is the best answer I have ever heard. If you’re pregnant ex girlfriend runs over your current girlfriend with your car, then you know your level of handsome is through the roof. Being handsome is hazardous to everyone around. So remember with great looks, comes great responsibility.