Last night ABC aired a special called "Primetime Nightline Beyond Belief: Battle with the Devil".  It was full of people rolling around on the ground being hit on the head with bibles as they tried "exercise the demons".  I don't know if I buy into it or not.

I am a full believer that in some way people end up in either heaven or hell, as I think most of you are too.  What I don't really buy into though is people thinking that they are possessed by the devil.  If it does occur, the stuff that you see about it looks pretty fake.

People rolling around on the ground, speaking in weird voices, they seem more crazy than possessed.  Do people really think they are being controlled by the devil?  The people in this special sure did.  If you were actually being possessed by the devil, do you think that he would give you time to do your hair and put make up on?  Come on, your being ridiculous.  I think it's all just a ploy by these southern bible thumpers looking to make a quick buck.  Take a look at the crazy woman in this excerpt from the special.  Nice hair by the way.

Cuckoo Cuckoo! A big surprise was that Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine was interviewed for part of this special. I'm guessing it was because of how people see his thrash metal music as "devil music". Mustaine is always a well spoken guy, not just some heavy metal meat head. He even said that every night before Megadeth goes on stage, they pray. He talked about how he revolted to witchcraft when he was a teenager and dabbled into the occult as an adult. He fully believes in the devil, but he is not powered by him.

In conclusion, I do think that the devil is real and can over take a person, but I do not think the people in this are actually possessed. The devil, evil, whatever you want to call it is real and can effect all of us. Ultimately though, you are responsible for your own actions, so stop with the "devil made me do it" nonsense.