I hate misleading headlines and today I saw one that made me fear the worst than get angry about the over reaction. Or at least the wording.

The headline I saw today in the Times Union was “eight rescued from elevator”. Once I read the story I learned they were only trapped for an hour and a half. That’s the length of a romantic comedy. And unless “friends with benefits” was playing on the elevator interior walls, that only sounds like a mild inconvenience. I’m thankful the rescue workers were able to open the doors for these people and let them out, however let’s not go over board and call this a “Rescue”.

Unless someone had eaten chipotle for lunch and pounded half a gallon of milk before entering that elevator, this doesn't sound torches. A small room filled with spicy dairy educed farts may require a rescue. But standing around awkwardly in a small space trying not to touch elbows with strangers for 90 mins simply sounds boring and that is all.