A Dayton, OH woman lost both of her dogs after they escaped through an opened gate attempted to find them via an unconditional reward.

She found one of them at a local shelter a few days later but the other was still missing. Abigail Miller posted fliers at local shops in hopes someone would aid in the return of her beloved pooch.

Miller offered 'beer and pack of smokes' as a reward because she "could afford it" and figured that would cause the flier to get some attention. Well, it worked.

A man called Miller saying he saw a couple of people walking a dog that match the description in the flier, adding the people said they found the dog and intended to keep him. The man gave her the location of the house where the dog was. Miller was able to be reunited with her 'spirit animal' Zoro shortly after.

The man says he doesn't want the reward but Miller plans to at least treat him to some food from her place of work, a sub shop.