Sometimes combining two amazing things can turn out to make an even greater thing; other times it doesn't work out too well. This is a case of an even greater thing.

Beer flavored ice cream.

Ari Fleischer, of New York City, came up with the idea of FROZEN PINTS after a friend brought an ice cream maker to a party.

We were having a party and a friend brought over an ice cream maker to make homemade ice cream

I'm really passionate about craft beer, and love ice cream, so I picked it up as a hobby and started experimenting with different flavor combinations

We start with the beer as it is all about finding the best, most flavorful craft brews - and then build a flavor around them.

Of course you can't just do one flavor. So Fleischer offers up several different kinds, each with their own alcohol content. Pumkin Ale flavor is the strongest of the set with 3.2% alcohol content and Peach Lambic is the weakest, think ultra-light.

The amount of alcohol varies by flavor - it depends on the content in the beer, as well as how much beer is added to the mix.

According to Fleischer, their ice cream pint is equal to a pint of beer but:

You would have to eat a lot of ice cream to get drunk!

And yes, you will need ID to purchase this ice cream. You can check out more on FROZEN PINTS by clicking here.