Q-Ruption is right around the corner on August 13 at SPAC. At that point, the summer heat will be in full effect and you will want refreshment during the show. But that means you have to leave your seat and stand in, what seems like an endless, line to a cold one for your and maybe your friends.

Not anymore!

Say hello to the 21st Century of beer service - The Beer Drone!

This summer at the OppiKoppi Music Festival in South Africa, attendees can order beer via their phone and using GSP, the drone will deliver the beer to their seat!

Granted this seems like a great idea at first but the beer is parachuted down to your location. So what happens when your motor skills aren't the greatest and beer smacks you in the head? Or what happens if someone intercepts your beer like a Mark Sanchez football?

There's no way to dispute the fact if you received your beer or not either. You're jammed into a large crowd, who's going to believe you?

Maybe if they worked on getting the drone to hover closer your exact location that could work. But until then, you'll just have to wait in line like the rest of us for a tall boy.