Picture this: You had a killer day at work. By the way, when I say 'killer' I mean 'bad'. Moving on: You had a killer day at work and decide you need more than a pint and conversation at your local pub. So, while cruising home you decide to stop by your local 'beer and relaxation' joint. You know, the kind that offers a nurse, micro brew and a tub?

Don't roll your eyes, its a real thing. Ok ok, I know- 'It's not a 'real' place here (Albany Area)  but it does exist. So, you now have an excuse to travel. Grab your passport and 'hop' a flight. You're welcome!


At Saratoga Beer Week 2013 you will not find a micro brew filled tub, but you will find plenty of brew and all that Saratoga has to offer. Tix and info? Get em here!