I can’t blame this dude, I love beef jerky too, but I don’t always feel like financing loan so I can enjoy a bag while I’m on the road.

All the good things in life are expensive, we should all just come to terms with that. Vodka that doesn’t taste like rusty coins is a few dollars more, Hookers WITH teeth will cost ya, and if you want a healthy delicious beefy snack except to pay double digits. I travel a lot and I should know buy now but I am constantly shocked at how expensive jerky cost. So I don’t blame this guy smashing and dashing with all this beef. It looks like a cold winter a head and you’re going to want to stock up.

Ps: who the hell has a store devoted to beef jerky? That in its self makes me angry. Second, you are just asking for it if you have a glass door. You don’t go hanging delicious smoked meats in a wild animals face all night. He will find a way to it.

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What Albany Product Do You Love So Much That You Could See Your Self Stealing Some Time down The Road Like This Guy?

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