While I am super-amped most of the time, thanks to my Rock Girl nature, I can't help but getting the winter blues every so often.  Most of the time, it happens when I'm thinking of all the exciting summer concerts to come, summer concert trips of years past, long nights in tank tops and flip flops, campfires, and the creek- and then I realize it's windy, snowy, and cold, and my bathing suits are months away from being worn.

Good thing is for me I've got the perfect fix for the winter blues- and for this Rock Girl it's skiing and 80s rock.

Now, most of my posts are about shows I go to and that I've seen.  But another huge part of this Rock Girl's personality is that I also was a college ski racer.  So downhill skiing is basically my life aside from music. And for any of you that know the ski scene, or have seen any ski-themed movie from 'Aspen Extreme' to 'Hot Dog' to 'Hot Tub Time Machine,' you can understand my RIDICULOUS love of 70s and 80s rock.

So in these months where the winter-time blues can hit, all I need for my quick fix is to either put some ski boots on my feet, or blast some Van Halen and pretend I'm just that radical, and I'm back to my amped up self.

Now back in my college heyday, I used to ski all day and then stay up all night.  Most of the time after a 'Power Hour' drinking game with friends.  I, of course, was always in charge of the playlists for the hour-long beer drinking game. I have to say, it's been a loooooooooong time since I even looked at a 'Power Hour' mix, but I was cleaning up my music the other day and found some old Power Hour playlists on my computer from my college days.  I can't say the songs disappointed.  Here's a little sample:

Scandal: 'The Warrior'

Van Halen: 'Jump'

Cinderella: 'Shake Me'

Survivor: 'I Can't Hold Back'

Def Leppard: 'Photograph'

Heart: 'Crazy On You'

Guns N' Roses: 'Paradise City'

Whitesnake: 'Here I Go Again'

Billy Idol: 'Dancing With Myself'

Deep Purple: 'Smoke On the Water'

Kiss: 'Rock and Roll All Nite'

Duran Duran: 'Hungry Like the Wolf'

Europe: 'Final Countdown'

Extreme: 'More than Words'

Eddie Money: 'Shakin'

Here's to a radical winter full of great rock music, and if you ski or snowboard, an awesome time on the slopes!!

Credit: Tatiana
Credit: Tatiana