Not only are beards seen as more attractive to women, they are also healthier for guys too!

As part of my NO SHAVE NOVEMBER growing process, if you want to call it that, I am doing some research in to beards - I know, strange. But hey, beards are a very good thing for most guys.

A recent study found women are more attracted to a man with a heavy stubble beard versus a clean shaven guy. And now comes word they are healthier for guys too.

University of Southern Queensland conducted a study that found that beards block 90% to 95% of UV rays to the face, which helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. That's not all, beards also help skin from drying out, protect the beard "owner" from colds, and trap "allergens that cause asthma attacks."

So grow those beards for health, longevity, and the ladies.

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