I don't know where this video is from and I have no idea how to stick up a gas station. One thing I can say, thank you technology! Thank you for giving us a birds eye view of a 'robbery' in action. Speaking of this 'robbery':

Was it real? There are two instances that leave me thinking, no.

1- Laptop

When dudes are standing next to the ATM machine, notice one of the 'robbers' holding a laptop. Wouldn't you think it would have to be turned on?

2- The length of time from beginning to end

So, you mean to tell me that four dudes can rush a store, hook up a laptop to an ATM, collect greenbacks and exit, in less than a minute and a half? Seems kind of fishy, right?

Again, I'm no expert when it comes to robbing, but this just seems way to easy. What say you?