Let the battle begin!  We want to know who you think is the hottest babe to grace the pages of Q103Albany.com?  Is it blonde -bombshell Brooke Banx OR is it brunette Tamara Ecclestone? Both were Q103's Crush of the Day a couple weeks ago.  Vote for your favorite now.

Brooke Banx, is born and raised in Texas has appeared on numerous websites, in magazines including FML, Status and American Curves.   Her bio claims she is a pre-med student.  Can you imagine Brooke being your doctor?  She can make me cough as much as she wants.

















Tamara Ecclestone is the heir to her old man’s $2.5 billion fortune which makes her gorgeous, rich and makes her unattainable for 98% of the male population on Earth. Perhaps if she wins this Babe Battle she could reward us with a visit!











There can only be one winner so VOTE NOW!