Some people dread using a public rest room, but I look forward to it. Not only is it a great place to meet new people, but there’s fantastic art work on the walls.

I found this picture in my phone just today. I completely forgot I took it with the plans to share this with you just a few weeks back. I was at the Neil Diamond concert at the Jone’s Beach theater in Long Island NY when I saw this writing on the Men’s room wall. I’m not sure who Phil Weaver is, but I do know for a fact that he has been dishing out mouth parties in this bathroom to all sorts of chumps for the low low price of "nickels"!

I always get a kick out of bathroom wall art. You never can be too sure on the motivation behind the person writing it. Were they doing it to be funny or are they dead serious on letting me know they “were there”? Either way it entertains me for the short time I’m squeezing one out and sometimes it stays with me to give me a laugh later in life. So thank you modern day cave drawing artist of the lavatory!

PS: How many people bring markers to the bathroom? A lot apparently!


What’s the best thing you’ve seen drawn/written on a bathroom wall?

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