There is nothing that says sporting event like a crazy mascot.  Some are very memorable, while others we would really like to forget as soon as possible.

Oh boy was this a mascot fail.  So the minor league baseball team in Amarillo, Texas are the Sox.  Much like major league baseballs White Sox or Red Sox.  The biggest difference is that these teams don't have a mascot, and probably for good reason.

This guy here was debuted, and immediately sent back to the drawing board after this picture here, and most likely burned in everyone's mind, revealed that it made it look like the dude inside was walking around with a massive boner. Not the best look, unless of course you're Ron Burgundy.  Can't blame this one on the pleats of the pants though.

The team recognized right away that they may have accidentally offended many people at the game.  The teams general manager released this statement to the Amarillo Globe News saying:

I'm very disappointed in the lady who did it, and I've told her so. She is going to fix it to the changes we want. I want to say on the record, if we offended anybody, I apologize.

I hope this woman did this on purpose, because it's hilarious!  So what if some parents may have had to have "the talk" a bit prematurely.  I bet she was sitting at home watching the local news coverage and laughing.  Sure she'll fix it, but the damage has already been done.