Drummer Barry Kerch from inspirational rock quartet Shinedown sat down with me to discuss the current state of the band, as well as their new album Amaryllis, which released two months ago.

I recently reviewed the band's fourth studio album and in talking with Barry I still think it should be the country's national anthem, with its songs "Bully" and "Unity" that stand up to such controversial issues that are present everywhere. Barry said that this was their goal because the band "is very healthy right now." The place that the album is in is exactly where the band itself is, so they even each other out. He said that they all work out before every show now, which helps with any tension or negative energy any one member might have. He also commented that the lyrics front man Brent and the rest of the band come up with are purely organic and genius.

Shinedown are preparing for their upcoming headlining spot on the annual Uproar Festival which kicks off mid-August. I asked Barry what the band is doing in order to prepare for the tour, with which he replied that they are still planning and have a lot of rehearsing to do. He stressed how "humbling" it was to be a main headliner on such a huge, nation-wide tour. I was happy to hear the band are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Barry added that they will be mixing in a few surprises here and there to make the shows extra special for the fans.

I ended the interview with a question I just had to ask- whether bassist Eric Bass took up the instrument in lieu of his last name. He laughed and said no because it's bass, as in bass fishing, which Eric does enjoy. It's just a coincidence, he said. "Everyone always asks that!"