We all love to drink coffee, and we are always looking for something to spice it up.  Baileys coffee creamers are here, and they make coffee even better.

Being that I am up so early Monday through Friday, it is very important that I get my morning coffee. Stopping off for a cup can get costly, so it's easy to just drink the coffee that the company provides. One problem, the coffee that we have isn't exactly the greatest. So that means that you have to dress it up.

Sometimes flavored coffee can be a bit much, or even lack in flavor.  I find it's easiest to just add flavor cream to the coffee, and the product that Baileys is putting out is hands down the best.  I have tried almost all of the flavors, but hazelnut is by far the best.  As someone who drinks way too much coffee, take my word on this, it's the real deal.

I use to be a Coffeemate guy, and to some extent I still am, but I have for sure moved over to the Baileys side of things.  It's flavor is awesome, and actually makes the coffee a little bit more creamy.  At about $3 a bottle, it's a good investment if the coffee you're drinking doesn't taste so good.  Besides my beloved Keurig machine, it's my favorite thing about coffee.