The title is correct, it's a reality - not that anyone but the inventor was dreaming about it. J&D's Foods have released their newest concoction and according to the company, the shaving cream is supposed to smell like cooking bacon while you shave.

So while your taking a razor to your face to look civil or even human, you can enjoy the smell of bacon. The makers say the product should be used after a hot wash or before a hot date. They describe it as a "high end, luxurious bacon-scented cream."

The creator, Justin Esch, says "Bacon is delicious, people get excited when they smell it. There is nothing more power then the smell of bacon, it's the smell champion."

So, smell like bacon all day? I'm sure that's attractive on a date. Don't get me wrong, I love me some bacon but I don't want to smell like it all day. Hell, I hate when my house wreaks of the grease smell after cooking it.

What's the average cost on shaving cream? Like $5.00? The bacon shaving cream, it's $14.99 a can. How come I don't see this working out too well?