Let's start with me pleading ignorance on Pakistan. Like most Americans, I barley know about the state I live in, let alone a different country. What I do know about Pakistan as of today, their justice system isn't totally awful, and that flies in the face of everything I thought I didn't know.

A few days ago a nine mouth old baby had to go into hiding. He was facing attempted murder charges. See there was this protest of a gas company that was raising prices and making gas cuts. The protesters seemed to have thrown stones and injured some people. That's when the police went after the only possible ringleader, a nine month old baby.

Fearful for his grandson, the infant was brought into hiding before his trial. That trial was today, and the only possible verdict happened, the case was thrown out. Really though, what did they think was gonna happen? This baby, who is still struggling to hold a bottle on it's own, was gonna go face hard time? Get a death sentence? I feel like whomever brought up the charges is lucky his picture hasn't surfaced...yet.