Let's be honest, Axl Rose isn't exactly prone to keeping promises.  However, the reclusive GNR singer has said he will do his first televised interview in decades later this month and has booked a spot on Jimmy Kimmel live.

October 24th is a day many Guns N Roses fans have been waiting for.  Well, we anxiously awaited the drop of Chinese Democracy for decades as well, but that is another can of worms we'll open some other time. This big news - On the 24th, Axl Rose will sit down for his first television interview in years.  Rose has been booked on Jimmy Kimmel live.

Rose's tiff with the original GNR lineup is well documented. The troubles between band mates even grew to the point that Axl declined to show up for the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On the road with his new band by the same name, Rose appears to be be out to hype up his big 12 date gig out in Vegas at which starts at the end of October. Given recent cancellations and problems from the last tour, it's a fair assumption that Axl will chat up Kimmel about the tour dates.

It's a mystery at the moment as to what Kimmel and Rose will talk about, I can only speculate.  Given his history, Rose may not even show at all.  However, if he does, is the tour really want Axl will speak about? In the last two decades,he hasn't needed an appearance to talk about any other tour, the long awaited Chinese Democracy album or even why he blew off the Hall of Fame induction - for that, he wrote a note. What is REALLY on Rose's mind?

Will you be glued to the TV on the 24th and what odds are you giving that Rose no shows Kimmel?  I say he's a good 14% to show. Or maybe Kimmel just offered him a Dr. Pepper.