Axl Rose - the misunderstood rock star.  First he takes the stage for most shows late, then he rips fans for leaving early, followed by fighting with an airline attendant, called Slash a bed wetter, falls off the stage in Mexico City, and on Sunday night almost stopped the show because of a cup being thrown on stage.  This latest incident happened in Monterrey Sunday night, when moments after the band's opening song 'Chinese Democracy, a plastic cup gets thrown on stage.  Seconds later Axl tells the band to "Stop", yells to the crowd "Is this what you want us to do?, We will go home!"   He then brings a translator on stage to tell the audience what he is saying.

Axl then told the band to skip the song and move on.. breaking into 'Welcome To The Jungle'

You can tell this is history in the making as when you watch the video, notice all the cell phones videotaping!