Isn't it awesome when an interview goes a rye?  The awkward that sets in between the interviewer and interviewee is almost unbearable, yet you can't look away.  This kind of thing doesn't happen all that often but when it does it certainly keeps you glued to the the screen.  A lot of the time most of us will have to catch it on the web after the fact, and that's why you have to love the internet.   I know that I have had the pleasure of dealing some pretty odd interview moments with Free Beer & Hot Wings (Knife in the eye lady, John Kruk) but some of these ones make me cringe.  Here are some of the most awkward interview moments from the past decade or so.

This one takes the cake.  We now know it was all for show, but at the time Joaquin Phoenix made things super awkward with David Letterman.

Star if It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Danny Devito may have gotten a bit drunk before making his appearance on the View a few years ago and trust me he isn't the only one.  He even seems like the guy at the bar who drank a bit too much and starts telling stories.

Kanye West is full of crazy moments but things got a bit weird between him and Matt Lauer.  He launches into a crazy rant after asked about his comments on President Bush not caring about "black people".

This is one of the best talk show moments.  Bill O'Reilly on the View arguing with big mouth Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar about the Mosque in New York City.  I totally agree with everything O'Reilly is talking about, which is rare.  He gets them so riled up that Goldberg and Behar get up and leave.

Here is a bit of a classic crazy moment from Crispin Glover on David Letterman.  Was he high?  Drunk?  I have no idea but I know that he is insane for sure.