Super Bowl Sunday is coming up quick and most Americans enjoy the game with a frosty cold beverage. No matter what your choice of brand is, take a second to think about how much you actually spend on beer in a given year.

Got that number yet?

Would you believe the average person spends $1,200 a year on beer alone? It's true.

According to a new survey, the lowest reported expense was $100 while the highest for a year was $10,000 (that person knows how to party). Average out all the reported amounts and you get the $1,200 total. Which upon asking around our office seems about right for most of the staff.

When it comes to buying beer, what helps you in your choice of brew?

  • 5%, the cost of the beer
  • 22%, the style of beer the brand makes
  • 29%, where the beer is brewed
  • 32%, who has the best ads

Speaking of ads, we all know the Super Bowl will be loaded with them. So who is the most popular beer of them all. Would you believe the most popular is also the least?

Budweiser topped the favorites list with 51% of the poll; followed by Coors (13%), Corona (12%), and Stella (10%). Bud took the top of the least favorite list too with 46%. When it came to taste, more liked Ale (33%) over Lager (24%).

How often to people drink or buy beer?

  • 22%, 2-3 times a week
  • 20%, one a week
  • 9%, five or more times a week