If you are an AT&T customer and have enjoyed your unlimited data plan, than hopefully you have good memories of it.  The company is going to start limiting data speed in order to maintain it's heavy volume of customers.

In 2012 At&T stopped offering their unlimited data plans to customers.  One can only imagine it's because they couldn't handle the usage that was going on.  Well if you have unlimited data, and have noticed your phone starting to go slow it's because they have slowed down your speeds.

According to the Associated Press, AT&T has been limiting the speed of download to people who are using a lot of data, even though it's unlimited.  That's not very good.  If I were paying for unlimited data, and couldn't use it, I would demand a refund.  In the article, customers say that if they call and complain the only answer they get is to switch to a limited plan.

Other companies who have offer data plans are pretty upfront about it.  Verizon doesn't limit their customers, and T-Mobile says right out that once you use 5 gigs.  Sprint still offers it's unlimited plan and doesn't slow down it's users speeds.