Who would have though what you did as a painful prank as a kid could actually kill someone? A man in Oklahoma recently found that out is now charged with homicide in the death of his stepfather.

Brad Davis, 33, was arrested after a fight with his stepfather Denver St. Clair.

According to Davis, St. Clair asked to come over for drinks and they began to argue. Davis says St. Clair "came at him." The two exchanged blows until Davis hit St. Clair in the head, causing him to lose consciousness.

It was at this time that Davis gave his stepfather an atomic wedgie, pulling St. Clair's underwear over his head. According to police, you could see the elastic band's marks on St. Clair's neck.

The cause of death was rules as 'blunt force trauma' to the head and asphyxiation, thus generating the homicide charges against Davis. Other incriminating evidence includes a text message Davis sent to a friend claiming he was going to harm his stepfather.